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The Portland Fire Musuem Presents:
The Portland Fire Department in Action 1912

An Original 1912 silent film of the Portland Fire Department Horse Drawn Apparatus leaving from and returning to their fire house.With Narration recorded in 2003 describing the action Available in DVD or Video

ORDER DVD $20 (+$4.95 shipping and handling in within the United States)

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The Portland Fire Museum Presents:
The Portland Fire Alarm 1900-1974

A Live Demonstration of the operation of the original fire alarm system by former dispatchers, David Chandler and James Huges. Including scenes from the 60's film "24 Hours" showing an alarm being run in. A must see for dispatchers, firefighters and historians. 

DVD Version $20 (+$4.95 shipping & handling within the United States)

VHS Version $20 (+$4.95 shipping & handling within the United States)

24 Hours Film

A professional production depicting the day in the life of a Portland Maine firefighter. Filmed in 1962 the production follows the shift of the city firefighters entering the fire house beginning at 0800, their daily routines of cleaning, maintaining the apparatus, training and responding to emergencies. The producers utilized professional actors from the Portland Players Theatre Company along with the on-duty fire crews to enact responding to the emergencies. Seven firefighters were injured during the filing that created it's own public fire storm.

It is a true classic film that has been preserved through a digital process and available either as a DVD or in VHS format. As an added bonus there is a an oral history with retired members of the Portland Fire Department who were in the 1962 production discussing the making of the film. All avid collectors of fire department history will want to add this video to their collection. Prime scenes contain pictures of downtown Portland Congress Street, Central Fire Station, Munjoy Hill fire station and the recruit class at the Park Ave Training tower conducting Pompier ladder training jumping into life net jumps and of course the major fire at the end of the film.
DVD Version $20 (+$4.95 shipping & handling within the United States)

VHS Version $20 (+$4.95 shipping & handling within the United States)

The Blackened Shield 
By Don Whitney [
Signed by the Author]
The shield of a firefighter's helmet gets blackened from experience, from meeting the challenges and confronting the dangers of the job day after day, night after night. Don Whitney worked as a firefighter in on of New England's oldest, most densely populated cities during the 60s, 70s and early 80s. When Don retired with the rank of lieutenant, his helmet shield was battered and blackened from countless battles with the enemy. 
And he had some stories to tell... And those Stories became The Blackened Shield
$24.95 (
+$4.95 shipping & handling within United States)
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